Morbido Corporation is a casting company that focuses on finding the right people for you.

what is morbido?

Our company works with other companies to find the perfect person at our clients request
Our company’s casting support is used for a variety of media, TV programs and content. Our casting ranges from celebrities, athletes, models, scholarly commentators, M.C.s, narrators, and event staff to professionally trained animals.
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From initial casting negotiations to final castings, we’ve got you covered.

At our client’s request, we prepare lists of prospective casting candidates.
We pride ourselves by quickly responding in regards to changes of events or information,
payments, scheduling, and providing casting profiles.

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Modelling Agency


Rental Studio


*We are able to provide our services at reasonable prices because of our unique casting style.

Merits of using Morbido:

By streamlining our services, we are able to reduce the time spent by our clients during negotiations with cameramen, stylists, hair/make-up artists, models etc.
The time spent by our clients on the phone, searching magazines and publications and estimating budgets will also be reduced by using our services.
We will also introduce our clients to new connections and agencies including models, talent bookings, specialty casting research and other helpful services.

Our three main points on which our company focuses on are:
・ Speedy Casting   ・reasonable prices   ・casting the right people


If you have any questionsregarding casting or human resources, please contact us.

Tokyo 03-6453-7191 Osaka 06-6537-1211

Hours of operation: 10:00~19:00(M~F)

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